ULGMC Expedition and Training Fund 2020

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We invite you to apply for the ULGMC ‘Expedition and Training Fund’. The fund is to support young and new climbers and mountaineers.

The 69th Annual General Meeting voted to renew the fund for 2020. The usual £200 is available for training and expeditions. Please, note that those applying for the fund to contribute to the ULGMC Alps Trip will be able to apply for up to £400, though a joint application between ULGMC and ULMC will require match funding.

Herewith, we invite you to apply by the 31st March 2020. Please, check the following details before completing the attached form:

  • Subsidy can cover an expedition (accommodation, transport, insurance, permissions for an overseas trip) which includes at least 4 established ULGMC members, or a training course (from a certified trainer who is not a ULGMC member) for at least 2 established ULGMC members (or their children).
  • Established means they need to have been a member for at least two years, in which time they must have attended meets. These rules are meant as a guideline - the committee can decide not to award the fund even if there are no other suitable applications.
  • Decisions for awarding the fund will be made by the ULGMC committee. The committee aims to award the fund by 30th April 2020.
  • The fund can be split across multiple applications. Applications benefiting newer and/or younger members will be looked upon more favourably. Similarly, if it benefits a group with a higher proportion of ULGMC (and University of London undergraduate clubs) members. Applications will not be considered if the proposal is dangerous or unsustainable.
  • Those that are applying for the fund to contribute to the ULGMC Alps Trip will be able to apply for up to £400! If the application covers ULMC members then we expect ULMC to match fund.
  • Applicants need to propose an individual, who will manage/receive the funds. Successful applicants will have to submit expenses receipt within 12 months of receipt of the funds, as well as write a newsletter report and/or document their expedition/training on social media.

Please, apply using this form and submit it by 31st March 2020, 23:59pm.